Room Layouts – training/meeting venue

The following are the room layouts available for booking. Please note these are not final and you can change them upon request, for example to add/remove seats, rearrange the chair locations or otherwise alter the final layout. These are just guideline examples.

These can be used as a meeting, training or event venue. You can hold conferences in SkyeLab or organise a informal event. There are endless possibilities. If this is of interest, please do visit our contacts page and fill out the booking request form.

Please do note that if you will be customising the layouts, that we are limited to 32 seats (20 blue seats and 12 wooden seats), and we only have the board room table (Fig 3).

If you would like to book the venue, please go to the contact page.

This is the Seminar “U” Layout. It has 15 seats and no table.
This is the Lecture “Row” Layout. It has 30 seats and no table.
This is the Board room layout. It has 8 seats and a table with the Logitech group situated in the front of the table and the two extender mics near the rear.
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